Why Millennials?

We believe in this generation! It's not uncommon to hear millennial's described as lazy, entitled, or uncommitted. Scratch below the surface and the stereotype what see is this generation has more potential, opportunity and promise but they need the tools.

Here are some exciting stats about millennials:
Of millennials report that making a POSITIVE impact on the world is MORE important than personal gain
Of millennials LOOK for leadership opportunity when looking at jobs
Of millennials graduate high school
a RECORD high percentage.
Many that are 18-40 are full of desire, the basic vision and the diploma but never discover themselves or sharpen the weak areas. They need help, like we all do, finding their AXE, their voice and themselves to then fully build and blaze what God has for them.

Why The Axe Academy

Millennials are a new breed. Even though they are the most educated and connected generation in history, they aren't satisfied with traditional education.  This is why the Axe Academy is structured around a dialogue. We have a plan to meet them where they are at and bring them where they need to be.

Helping them understand their purpose and potential while teaching them how to yield and sharpen other areas of their Axe will make a lifetime difference in their life.  This will then make an eternal difference to those around them, through them not us.

Millennials are not satisfied with the status quo, and either are we. Ghandi's words are like an anthem to this generation and we love it. Be the change you want to see. Jesus’s teaching on life abundant in John 10:10 gives us the chance to give a generation both; life and change.

The NEed

The Axe Academy has operating costs. With the cost for hosting, web development, producing podcasts, creating courses, editing videos, managing content, and community support, we need $75,000 a year to operate.

This $75,000 allows us to invest into a generation and help them connect their passions and desires with God's plans and purpose.

$45,000 1 full-time employee salary
$20,000 in contracted labor for projects and channels.
$2000 for online hosting and tech costs.
$5000 travel budget for onsite training retreats
$1000 for gift cards, awards, meals for axe student milestones
$1000 for marketing and promotion of Axe
$1000 technology budget, cameras, computers.

How Can I Help?

You can support the Axe Academy by either becoming a member yourself or by making a donation.

When you become a student or supporter at $10 a month or $100 a year, that money goes directly to keeping the Axe Academy running and offsets our operation costs. We also give back to our Axe partners with every new student or supporter.

If we have 750 enrolled students or supporters monthly we can operate in the positive and use any additional funds donated to sponsor students, dream and develop more resources. A monthly subscription gives us a solid foundation to build from.

You can also give a one time donation to the Axe Academy. This money goes directly to the operations budget for the given year.  We believe that God can provide many people to help or just send us one person each year. We hope that is you!

If you choose to donate and do not want to take advantage of online learning platform and community then please contact us so we can gift someone of your choosing a year free to Axe Academy.
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