Earn your axe

The path to an axe is roughly a 2 year process. To earn your axe you will complete 14 axe courses, read 14 books, and Skype with Eric 4 times during the process. You can choose to move through it faster or slower, but our hope is that you find a rhythm that is manageable and intentional. The goal isn't to rush through without absorbing. The goal is personal discovery, development, and deployment of YOUR axe.

At the end of the process, you will receive your own axe in a wood display box and your name engraved into the handle. We could give you a piece of paper saying you completed your path to an axe, but let's be real. . . this is way cooler.


How To Take A Course

How To Read A Book

  • Take Physical Notes

    With a pen in hand, write, draw, and underline in your books. Make the pieces that stood out to you in your reading stand out in your book.

  • Recap Every Chapter

    At the front or end of every chapter, write down what the main ideas were. What did you learn? What new questions do you have?

  • Digitize It

    After you have taken notes physically, transfer them to a digital form. We highly recommend Evernote.

Meet with Eric

During your journey to earning your Axe, you will have 4 skype sessions with Eric Samuel Timm. It is important to have your field guides completed, and any questions or comments on the books and courses you have done. For an idea on what is expected, make sure you watch the "How To Take An Axe Course" and "How To Read A Book" videos above. Having these questions and comments ready will make sure you get the most out of your time.

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